Thursday, April 14, 2005

I've only just begun

Today i enter the ever-so-complicated realm of blogging as myself and for myself, unlike my previous attempt of maintaining a blog for a beloved fish tank. What?! A Fish Tank blog?

Yes, you read me right: a Fish Tank blog. It's an informative blog of a fish tank i set up and maintainted for my hostel; I had excess time and money, and i haven't had the opportunity to spend them on women or drinks... yet.

How should i go about creating my online persona? I have not the slightest clue although i've read a few blogs here and there... I did wish about someday getting a mention in the papers, getting an award for "Universe Best Blog", or maybe just a small mention by famous bloggers... but i guess i'm just not there, yet. I've been following a few bloggers of late and i sure enjoy the read, no thanx to MrBrown of, MrMiyagi of MyVeryOwnGlob and Adrianna of Popagandhi. Probably pathetically few considering the number of as-great blogs out there i have yet to set my eyes upon... but i guess i have to start somewhere, right?

Are great blogs written by great people, or great bloggers? Great people are people who are naturally great (at writing or speaking or anything); Great bloggers may be lousy people who blog nice and interesting things. You who own "great" blogs please do tell 'cos i'm still considering whether i've got it in me or if i should just pack up and ship out (literally).

I should mention i love the sun, the sea, and the sand...


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