Monday, August 28, 2006

Eye Infection

That's what i have now, an eye infection.

Chronicles of my infected eye...
Fryday night i take out my eyes for the night, then 2 hours later i feel an irritation and tearing in my left eye socket.
Saturday morning i awake to a swollen/red/irritated left eye; i see the GP. She says there's a speck of dirt on the eye ball and proceeds to anaesthise the eyeball > use a needle to dislodge the speck > use a piece of cotton wool to wipe the speck away. Giving me a dose of antibiotics and anti-swelling/anti-bacteria tablets, i'm off and feeling a little better.
Sunday morning i awake to a much-improved left eye! I spend the day in glasses and get through the day without much fuss, dropping the eyedrop every hour.
Monday morning i leave the house with a yet-again teary left eye. It is supremely irritated and painful and dripping with tears! I struggle through the three hour test and finally see the Doctor at work after the test who refers me to the eye specialist at NUH. I had lessons in the afternoon so i told him i'll go after lessons. "I advise you to go NOW, but if you insist on going after work it's at your own risk". I endure the four hours of lessons then took a cab to NUH. Arriving at 530pm i saw the doctor who did an eye exam, put some dye in my eye, examined it somore, took some bacteria samples from my eye with a needle, then sent me off with three separate eye drops; finally at 8pm.

I've got three days of MC and i have to visit the eye doctor on Tuesday morning for a check up, but i'll probably get back to work on Wednesday or risk failing a test on Fryday...

I don't usually fall ill but when i do... it's something quite major. =(


Anonymous whimsical said...

Oh dear, that sounds serious...
I do hope that your eye would be healed soon!
-pat pat-

Wed Aug 30, 02:36:00 AM  
Anonymous Adipos said...

Trust ur eye is back to normal now. All the best for ur test =)

Thu Aug 31, 02:05:00 PM  
Blogger Dank said...

Dank > whimsical & pos:
Thanx for the concern guys! I've updated the status of my eye in the next post...

Suffice to update in one-line = it's not well as yet.


Thu Aug 31, 08:17:00 PM  

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