Friday, May 16, 2008

Shark's Fin

Did you read that Shark's Fin article in the Straits Times last Sunday (12 May 08) about the increasing number of couples removing Shark's Fin from their wedding dinner menu? Would you do the same?

I bought the (original) Shark Water DVD because i feel it's a show with a noble cause and i'm going to share it with my friends and colleagues.

Did you know...?
1. Sharks' fins are cut off while the sharks are still alive, then the sharks are thrown back into the ocean to drown alive? Ain't that heart-breaking?
2. Sharks eat Fish, Fish eat Plankton, the vast amount of Plankton in the sea (which covers 70% of the earth) convert Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen which all creatures need to live.
3. If Sharks were killed in increasing numbers, the increasing number of Fish will eat more Plankton and there would be less Plankton to produce the Oxygen? At the same time, the increased Carbon Dioxide (greenhouse gas) would accelerate global warming and raise sea levels and... (the list goes on).

I've decided to stay away from Shark's Fin and I hope you do too.

If you'd like to borrow the Shark Water DVD from me, i'd gladly lend it to you, or you could get a copy of your own at a local music/video store.


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