Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diving at Pulau Hantu, Singapore

What is Pulau Hantu?
It is an island South of mainland Singapore, a favourite site for fishing, scuba diving and (the occasional) snorkeling enthusiast because its beaches are sheltered. The island also offers opportunities for campers looking for an outdoor experience.

Where is Pulau Hantu?
South of mainland Singapore, off the Singapore Straits (see map, in red)
Pulau Hantu, South of Singapore

Conditions at Pulau Hantu?
Because of its proximity to the busy Singapore Straits, and it being located along the sea passages to nearby ports, silt is churned up by passing ships and rarely has a chance to settle before yet another passing ship does the same, in a never-ending "almost a night dive in the day" situation. Visibility ranges between 1m to 9m.

Since visibility is chronic, why dive at Pulau Hantu?
Because the nearby (and affordable) weekend dive sites Pulau Aur and Pulau Tioman are closed due to the choppy seas brought about by the North-East Monsoon:
- costs between $100 and $200 only
- no long bus rides required
- one Saturday sufficient to satiate your nitrogen withdrawal

What's there to see at Hantu?
Lots to see, if you're observant and patient. Divers have seen Seahorse, fish (Clownfish, Cardinalfish, Wrasse, etc), Nudibranch, Starfish, Shrimps, Crabs, many species of Corals, and even Turtles!
See photographs taken by Hantu Bloggers: Gallery at Hantu Bloggers

For more information, visit Hantu Bloggers, an NGO with the objective of "raising awareness and creating a sustainable future for Singapore’s marine heritage".

Anyone interested in diving Pulau Hantu in Nov, Dec and Jan?


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I'm visiting singapore for a week from 30th and was considering going to Pulau Hantu for diving on sunday (31st).

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