Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Day Before...

It is the day before Dank leaves Singapore for a 6-week trip.

You happy he's away?

Dank's currently paying exorbitant internet charges in an Outdoor Wireless Surf zone at Cineleisure BurgerKing 'cos the Internet at his new place isn't up yet. $0.20 per log in and $0.20/min of wireless use.

Dank will be bringing his laptop and a camera along for the trip, and hopefully he'll be able to get himself to a cybercafe to update.

Happy Birthday (in advance) Jan!
Dank's not around to give you a birthday treat, sometime when he gets back ok?

Happy Birthday (in advance) Singapore!
Dank's not around to watch the parade, the tanks rolling in, the fireworks, but he'll remember you on 9th August!

In the meantime don't miss him too much, and take care in Singapore! =)

He should mention that he's excited to go, yet can't bear to leave...


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