Tuesday, July 05, 2005

CrazyElephant and RmD Pilots

We couldn't resist the good music at the CrazyElephant,
we went back there for more! But before that, dinner...

A quick 3min dinner at Burger King, then off to Hooters to meet the RmD SeaHawk pilots. Had 6 leftover fried chicken wings and 3 celery sticks, then off to CrazyElephant we went..

After waiting an hour for the band to begin, we occupy ourselves by taking photos...
JayJay, Amy, Airboss Airboss, Chris, Dank
Shore Patrol, patrolling to ensure law & order The shelves behind the bar: BOOZE!
...and having 3 jugs of Heineken and a glass of Whisky...
Drinks at the table + JayJay's sunburnt face
then when the band started to strut their stuff, we began tapping our feet to music that moved the body; GREAT music.
Then there's Alicia...
CrazyElephant Band, and Alicia on Saxophone

It was a another great night with the Officers of the USS RmD. It's just too bad they're leaving on Thursday.

I should mention that they will be missed...


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