Saturday, November 12, 2005

CB101: "How to Crash Your Bike"

That's the 4hr lesson i'll be going through starting 6hrs from now.

CB101 = Crash Bike 101
The only lesson you'll ever need to crash a bike.

Step 1: Ride (really) fast fast
Step 2: Ride towards something
Step 3: Ride on, unwavering and holding on tight
Step 4: Crash

Note: CB201 isn't available 'cos CB101 ensures you crash, only once.

Updates to follow (if i'm still alive)...

Update 13th Nov 2005, 1am
I was mistaken; it is not a "how to crash your bike" course.
It is a "Defensive Riding Course".

The 4hr course teaches you defensive techniques when riding...
1) how to negotiate tight corners - we did tight cornering maneouvres around strategically placed cones with the lean-out posture and at the end of it we were timed to see how fast (and stable) we could complete the cone-circuit
2) how to negotiate corners fast - we sped around the circuit performing high speed turns with lean-in and lean-with postures, scraping the kerb and side of the bike at times
3) how to control skidding - patch of ground was deliberately made wet and we were to go over it real fast then jamming on the rear brakes, causing the bike to fishtail; we were given the chance to experience and control actual a skidding fishtail
4) other relevant stuff related to safety while riding

It was a good course and i'd recommend it to you if you want to experience riding at a higher skill level. Through the 4hrs you will learn your limits to the certain situations, enabling you to ride safer because you will understand what you can and cannot handle.


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