Friday, September 01, 2006

Dinner with WeiWei

Something less morbid to blog about... my dinner with WeiWei two weeks ago.

Had dinner with an ex-colleague WeiWei (she's now a financial planner) two weeks ago on a Saturday night, at NYDC Holland Village. She had already had her dinner 'cos i probably miscommunicated the "let's have dinner" intention, so i ordered a Dynamite Pizza and finished it on my own.... i was chuck-full after that!

A Cheese Cake w/ice cream thereafter, we proceeded across the road to Wala-Wala for some music. Brandon, the drummer, wasn't there that night 'cos he was overseas doing a recording for.... Emil Chau... FwaH! But the music was great nonetheless and we stayed for 2 hours soaking in the now smoke-free aironditioned 2nd floor of Wala-Wala!

Thanx for dinner WeiWei! =)


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