Saturday, May 26, 2007

2 x (Kid + Lady)

Uma & Rohan, Yvonne & MayYing, and Dank of course.

Today we went to the Navy Open House 2007. Expecting a ginormous (pronounced jai-normous, thanx Bill for this excellent word) crowd and a scorching sun, we decided to go early. By 830am we were already waiting for the shuttle bus!

The weather wasn't so nice even though we were early... hot sun rays beaming down starting at 10am! Fortunately there was the occasional sea breeze for some heat relief.

Mich and her two friends went as well! They braved the sun to walk a few kilometres (because Dank didn't advise Mich to take the shuttle bus) in their heels (because Dank didn't advise on the best Open House Attire), only to find not-so-many-things to do in there that they enjoyed. Sorry Mich! =( At least you took some nice/fun photos...?

We enjoyed a good Juggler perform "One Ball Juggling" among his other tricks, a fun ride in the water in a "Duck", walked through a knowledgeful exhibition, and went onboard a ship to tour it (and to enjoy the aircon within the ship). The kids enjoyed it even though it was an extremely hot day, and Yvonne & MayYing enjoyed the view, deducing that most Navy guys were good-looking and had six-packs.

Some photos of the cute kids (and ladies):
Yvonne & MayYingUma & MayYing
The GangDank met a friend there, Lina


Anonymous oMich ( - 1kg) said...

The long march did some good to the waistline. =P

Despite the sweltering sun and dripping perspiration, it was an interesting venture into the premises of RSS Persistence, (especially with Daniel at helm as our personal tour guide)! In addition, I'd learnt to make my way down treacherous, narrow steps in my heels while feasting my eyes on the lovely officers' lounge that was worthy of envy.

And yes, thanks for being our photographer when the need arose. There was a total of 48 pics!

Sorry for being uber blur. I hadn't realized you were not on our bus till you waved from a distance! x_X

Hope the flu bug has departed by now! =)

Mon May 28, 06:58:00 AM  

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