Tuesday, May 01, 2007


"Since 1907, Australia's Surf Lifesavers have rescued half a million people, and provided first aid to more than a million others.
At a moment's notice they risk their own lives to save someone they have never met.
Day in, day out, they give their time to make our beaches safe."
- Surf Life Saving Australia

At a moment's notice, would you risk your own life to save someone you've never met? With all the time in the world, would you help the elderly lady carry her bags across the road?
Closer to you:
Would you help your colleague clear his/her wastepaper basket, for nothing in return?
Would you make a cup of hot tea for your colleague in the farthest corner of the office?
Would you SMS a friend to simply invite him/her for dinner, to make time to say hello?
Would you be the difference in someone else's life, not for reward or recognition but just because you want to?



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