Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For Whale Sharks & Manta Rays

Would you like to join me on a White Manta LOB, 12-14 15 October (Fryday night till Sunday Monday night) to the 7 Skies Wreck to see Whale Shark and Manta Rays? There's nothing better than seeing Whale Shark and Manta Rays other than the fact that you don't have to take a single day of leave because it's a weekend trip, including Monday (Deepavali is on Saturday 13 October)!

SG$590 SG$790 = Cost (excl equipment)
9 dives (7 day + 2 night) = Number of Dives
Fryday 630pm = Depart Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
Sunday Monday 9pm = Arrive Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

Writeups on "7 Skies Wreck"
White Manta: "98000 ton Bulk Carrier sunk in 1969 after an explosion. She is sitting up right with bottom 62m and funnel at 22m. Wheel house is at 30-35m and 45m main deck. Home to schooling Bat Fish, Trevally, Tuna, Snapper, Manta Rays and Whale Sharks. Best for both recreation and Technical diving. 7 Skies is the best top diving wreck in Asia. " (link)

Imagethief: "While the wreck is fascinating, the guests are the real showstoppers. The Seven Skies is a gigantic, artificial pinnacle on the migratory path for manta rays and whale sharks. In October and November, at the end of the local diving season, these colossal vagabonds use the wreck as a waystation. A resident white manta sets up housekeeping every year for several weeks, often with one or two friends. Late-season divers also stand a fair chance of whale shark sightings. " (link)


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