Monday, October 29, 2007

I Dozed at Work Today...

Because I slept at 1am.
Because I woke at 5am in the middle of a tragic nightmare.
Because I went back to bed and woke again at 530am.
Because I woke at 550am and decided not to go back again...

Standing on the top of my office building, i hold a few machine guns and fire across to the other building, deliberately aiming at the occupants on the other side. After popping a few of them, and rather accurately at that, i wake at 5am. Checking the time on my watch and realising it's ONLY 5am, i close my eyes and hope the story doesn't continue...

To my dismay i continue popping people from the other building, then i realise there are four of them setting up their sophisticated rifles... sniping rifles! Upon sighting them four, I surrendered, and woke, this time it was 530am. Going back to sleep, the story continued...

My guys and I were rounded up and one of them cried about his innocence and that he was acting on my directions.

I woke at 550am and didn't go back to sleep.


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