Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Recently i've had the pleasure of enjoying a few good shows... almost one a fortnight!

I Am Legend (link)
Caught it today; a very interesting watch. The show definitely lives up to the trailers' suspense and ambiguity. You're kept at the edge of your seat most of the time with the rollercoaster feelings, and i liked the ending.

Good Luck Chuck (link)
Entertaining. Very entertaining. Most excellent romantic comedy in recent times. Highly recommended.

Click (link)
Although it's more than a year old, i only watched it now and it made a lot of sense to me. Adam Sandler gets to show us the effects of life's choices when it's lop-sided towards work; is it worth it?
Extremely relevant in our workaholic lives... go rent the DVD!

If you're watching a movie in the cinema, i'd advise going to more grown-up hang-outs (e.g. Vivocity). Kids and Teens tend to be lousy cinema crowd: they don't bother that their every leg movement against the seat in front (which you are in) is irritating the occupier, they like to comment on every bit of the show as if they were the only ones in the theatre, they have the rudeness to answer their phone calls in the cinema, they arrive 10 minutes into the show and act as if it's their right to be late, etc. Such inconsiderate behaviour.


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