Sunday, December 16, 2007

Road Rage... almost.

While driving back from dinner today, on the AYE, a van driver made my day...

Uncourteous Road Act 1.
Lack of Road Courtesy first demonstrated when he switched lanes without signalling, directly behind me, causing the vehicles behind and beside him to jam on their brakes and swerve dangerously to avoid this bugger. At this point i commented on his irresponsible action... who knew he'd prove me correct in the next few minutes?

Uncourteous Road Act 2.
I needed to filter left to enter the AYE, so i signalled left and waited for the bus beside me to get ahead so i could switch lanes behind the bus. I slowed and filtered left but this van was behind the bus and I would've gladly let him get ahead but the slip road into the AYE was just a bus-length away. Guess what? The van sped up, attempting to cut me off! I switched lanes behind the bus and filtered onto the AYE while that unruly van high-beamed me. What next?

Uncourteous Road Act 3.
Unruly van decides he's a souped up van (ie: darn fast boxed rally car) and tries to overtake my Humble-B. Right... -roll eyes-
Of course, i decided to reciprocate, the difference being me knowing i had the soup to stir his sh*t as opposed to his rally-wannabe. Hands down!

Uncourteous Road Act 4.
Over the next few kilometres, from Keppel flyover till Rochor Exit, this van cuts left and right, overtaking car after car... He must've been trying to prove he's got lots of money to burn on fuel.

We were wondering if he'd follow us out to our exit, get down at the traffic light and bring out his baseball bat... haha! He got lost in the crowd of cars somewhere before the KPE Exit. Amusing episode.

If you're a lane-switching non-signaller, a weaver or a everything-also-high-beam driver, shame on you!

My appreciation to kind and courteous drivers; please keep up the good attitude!


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