Sunday, December 21, 2008

Scuba Dive P.Hantu, 20 Dec 08

Pulau Hantu, an island South of mainland Singapore, is only a 30min boat ride from a nearby marina. We boarded the boat at 830am and i was on my way to dive in Singapore waters for the very first time!

I've heard so much about the visibility at Hantu, i had to give it a try. Moreover, i'd be embarassed to say "I live in Singapore but i've never dived in Singapore", no? Mr/Ms i-live-in-Singapore, have you dived Hantu?

Nudibranch is Attacked by another NudibranchVisibility at Hantu is 1-3metres
A huge and chunky NudibranchLittle Cuttlefish beneath SouthWest Jetty

Despite the low visibility, there's lots to experience at Hantu! Anyway, here are more reasons to dive Hantu...
1. Much cheaper than overseas for your Nitrogen fix.
2. No long bus/boat rides; 30min trip to the dive site.
3. No worries about crappy lodging; your bed at the end of the day.
4. Build confidence in low-visibility waters.
5. After Hantu, you'll better appreciate overseas diving.

You have to try it at least once! I'll definitely go back for more!


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