Saturday, January 09, 2010

Scuba Dive Bali, 29 Dec - 3 Jan 10

Bali, Indonesia.
Stayed at Taman Agung Hotel (more like a motel) in Sanur.
Enjoyed 13 Day and 1 Night dives.
Days diving in Bali: 4.
Number of Fish: EXTREMELY plentiful.
Number of Dives Filled with coral Carpets: 3 at Nusa Penida
Number of Rip-Roaring Drift Dives: 1 at Lembongan Island
Number of Underwater Fish Tornados: 1 Jacks + 1 Don't-know-what

Travelled 2-3hrs each way, each day, from the hotel in Sanur to the dive sites Menjangan Island (in the North-West), Tulamben (East), Nusa Penida (South East) and Puri Jati (North).

Enjoy these photos from Bali!
Denise Pygmy Seahorse at Menjangan IslandHUGE Barracuda just hovering mid-water at Tulamben
Bumphead Parrotfish at Tulamben's Liberty WreckPorcelain Crab feeding in the current at Nuda Penida
Handsome Octopus at Puri Jati (PJ)Fingered Dragonet at Puri Jati (PJ)

Next dive adventures in the off-season... to Hantu!


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