Saturday, June 25, 2005

For all you lazy people...

Dank's dream invention (for today): the RoboMop!

What is it?
A rechargeable-battery-operated ball entrapped in a roundish cage (with a dry dust cloth affixed to the bottom of the cage) which rolls around the floor of your room/house wiping the floor clean of dirt.

Why does Dank like it?
It is Dank's dream cleaning contraption:
Simply switch it ON, put it down, and the RoboMop cleans the floor.

So good meh?
No need to replace the batteries; it runs on rechargeables!
No need to sweep or mop your floor again; it cleans the floor for you!
No need to worry about dirty floors; it cleans 98% of the floor area!
No need to reach under furniture; it (height 8.5cm) reaches under!
Most important of all...
No need to lift a finger to clean the floor; just relax and be lazy!

Presenting the RoboMop...
Dank's dream contraption: the RoboMop!
[left] Before first use; [right] After first use
RoboMop Clean RoboMop Dirty

After an hour the floor is 98% clean (as stated on the box);
you still have to clean the 2% uncleaned by the RoboMop.

Want more advertising fodder?
"Why Buy RoboMop" from the RoboMop website.

Dank should mention he paid $50 to be lazy...


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