Sunday, June 26, 2005

Saturday Night Alive!

Met new people today... (the revered) MrBrown, KennySia, George, FinickyFeline, SassyJan, ScarlettTing, saw XiaXue in person (i didn't introduce myself 'cos she was busy with her other pals), and met up with met-before Sandra, MakanGuru, Vincent, TriplePeriod, MrMiyagi and Belinda.

Initially i was alone at Wala, sitting at the table watching the people on the street below with a glass of beer in hand; Pathetic? Peaceful. While awaiting the band to begin their good music, a table was vacated and i took it. As i sat down and looked up towards the crowd, a familiar face shot me a surprised "Hey! what you doing here alone?" look; it was Sandra. That's how i met Sandra, then MakanGuru and Vincent there. 2litres of beer later TriplePeriod arrived to give us a lift to Hideout where i met the rest of them.

After Hideout we saw first-hand the happenings of a gang-brawl right across the street from where we were enjoying our plates of prata and teh-pengs; glass bottles broken on heads, pool cues being wielded and all... even got police car come leh! But then the police came 5min late. They attempted to enter by the back door of the pub-at-large while the gang re-appeared and started to face-off, quarrelling next to the patrol car. How ironic, but amusing nonetheless... =)

It was nice to have met them tonight, fun people with their cameras-a-flashing. -blurry eyed-

I should mention they're great company...


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