Sunday, September 04, 2005

It's About Time...

It's about time I show you some photos:

Surabaya, Indonesia
L: The moon on a dark cloudless night
R: Morning Civil Twilight; just before the sun rises

L: 1min after Sunrise
R: 2min after Sunrise

L: Colleagues and I at Desperado in Surabaya, Indonesia
R: Smoking volcano island in the background

Darwin, Australia
L: A pod of dolphins in the bay just swimming around
R: Some of them jumped out of the water, playing

L: Mitchell Street, the single most happening street in Darwin
R: Meleleuca on Mitchell - an upscale backpacker's lodge

L: Yummy (and relatively cheap) Fish'n'Chips
R: There was a bar trivia as we ate; no we didn't win anything

L: Mandy - Chirpy, friendly waitress at Fox'n'Fiddle
R: The Wine Maker at the Kakadu Mango Winery

L: Wine tasting at the Kakadu Mango Winery
R: Audience at The Vic captivated by the stage games

L: Games at The Vic... really entertaining
R: Win prizes, have loads of fun, and more!

L: This guy I met outside the toilet of The Vic, name unknown
R: This bartender I met at The Vic, Dina

L: Darwin's biggest club, Discovery, along Mitchell Street
R: George, Matt, Dank, Alex, Joey, Mandy, Amanda at Uno

L: Alligator in a tank at Surf'n'Turf
R: Delicious food at reasonable prices

L: Having a walk in the park...
R: ...along the cliff overlooking the sea

Kakadu National Park
L: Tombstones in the field?
R: Termite Mounds... and these are termites

L: Doctor Adrian and myself
R: Stream from a spring

L: Tolmer Falls in Kakadu National Park
R: Wangi Falls in Kakadu National Park

L: Hand-drawn map of Kakadu National Park

In Bali
L: "No Swimming" sign warns of the huge waves pounding the beach
R: Kuta Beach - Clear, clean water rippling over soft, fine sand

L: Taking a stroll along the beach
R: Myself, Adrian, Melvyn, HeenChoong

L: Sunbathers, Swimmers, Surfers... and a local selling her wares
R: Inside an alley lies McWilliam's, just 2km from McDonald's

L: 2 boys in orange at play around the Bali Bombing Memorial
R: Padi fields along the road en route

L: 850m above sea level, and a 3142m volcano lurking behind
R: Lake Batur at the foot of Mt Batur and its three volcanos

L: We had lunch at the restaurant with a gorgeous view
R: At the restaurant, with three volcanos behind me

L: Little monyet ("monkey" in Bahasa Indonesia)
R: A family of monkeys cuddled up and asleep

That's all folks. For more photos, visit my Flickr site.


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