Wednesday, September 14, 2005


There's a little-known sport: Lifesaving.
Lifesaving is a useful skill to have especially in this island country where there is plenty of sea, reservoirs and swimming pools; you never know when you'll need to jump in and save someone.

Dank's Lifesaving History
Dank attained his basic lifesaving qualification (Bronze Medallion) during his first year in university, and has since gotten higher awards (Bronze Cross, Award of Merit and Distinction Award) and participated in Inter-Varsity/Polytechnic and National Lifesaving Competitions with the NUS University Lifeguard Corps (NUS ULC).

Lifesaving as a Sport
Lifesaving Competitions consists of two groups of events: Open Water and Still Water.
Open Water - Beach events; running on the beach, and canoeing, surfboarding, towing and swimming in the sea.
Still Water - Pool events; rope throw, and towing and swimming events in the pool.

(L) Beach Flag; (R) Surf Board Race
Beach Flag: Sprinting for a 'flag' Surf Board Race: Paddling on a lifesaving surfboard around a circuit
(L) Torpedo Tube Rescue; (R) Manikin Tow
Torpedo Tube Rescue: Saving a victim at sea with the aid of a Torpedo Tube Manikin Tow: Towing a manikin to safety
(L) Torpedo Tube Rescue Medley; (R) Rope Throw Rescue
Torpedo Tube Rescue: Towing a victim with the aid of a Torpedo Tube and Fins Rope Throw: Saving a victim by throwing a rope and reeling him/her in
Enjoying some post-competition fun in the pool...
Jump together now! Presenting the Dinosaurs of ULC as Water Sprouts
The University Lifeguard Corps (NUS ULC)
teamNUS Lifesaving: after a training session at Sentosa Siloso Beach teamNUS Lifesaving: Lifesaving Nationals, StillWater 2005

Dank hopes you have learnt a thing or two about Lifesaving...
Be a lifesaver, sign up for a lifesaving course now!


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