Monday, September 19, 2005

The Weekend Getaway

A 4hr bus ride from Kembangan (ApacheDiver clubhouse) to a hotel in Mersing where we stayed the night, 7am hotel breakfast, 3min mini-van ride to the jetty, and a 1hr20min speedboat ride to Tioman later, we were checking into the Paya Beach Resort... and ready to go dive dive dive!

Jennifer demands that her name be mentioned first.
So here's a photo of her... Jennifer. Happy JeN?
Jennifer; she who invited Dank to divePulau Tioman, Malaysia
Gang of 9: (top row) Adam, Dank, WanHo, Roy, (Ladies) Dawn, Jennifer, (bottom row) Jeff, Zhiming, WilliamClown Fish

After 49hrs away from Singapore:
six dives (five day, one night) experienced,
many friends made
(Dawn, Jaslin, Peggy, Adam, Jeff, Roy, William, Zhiming),
countless fishes seen,
no corals killed/broken (by myself),
four warships sighted anchored off Ringgis,
hoardes of photos taken above and under water,
one blackout on Tioman island,
and $310 spent... one great weekend getaway!


Anonymous JeN said...

where's my name?!!!!! must gimme special tributeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! haha :P

Tue Sep 20, 02:48:00 AM  
Anonymous whimsical said...

yah yah $310 for 3 days, as compared to $100+ for a few hours....I want pics! pics! pics! =P

Wed Sep 21, 12:38:00 AM  
Blogger Dank said...

Dank > jen
Yes yes, Dank didn't mention your name 'cos he was waiting for the photos in order to give you special mention... can wait not? =P

Wed Sep 21, 07:42:00 PM  
Anonymous JeN said...

cannot!!! i must be mentioned first!! coz im the most impt person!!! haha LOL :P

Wed Sep 21, 09:08:00 PM  

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