Thursday, October 13, 2005

Of Steak Sandwiches with Martinis

Fancy a handful of (delicious and free) Steak Sandwiches?

DELICIOUS and FREE Steak Sandwiches,
here in Singapore?"


I had three of them sandwiches (each a succulent Steak Slice sandwiched between two flavourful buns) yesterday at the Oriental Hotel next to Marina Square. They were simply lovely! Add to them the two glasses of tasteful Martinis and great company... a perfect teatime experience!
Morton's, The Steakhouse
4th floor of the Oriental Hotel

...that's where.

Happy Hour at Morton's every weekday from 5-7pm, serving delicious Steak Sandwiches every (roughly) 20minutes. Go early to grab a seat and enjoy your teatime!

Don't believe the quality of the Steak?
Why not visit Morton's Website to read about them yourself?
Better still... Invite me along the next time you're planning to go,
i'll guarantee you'll enjoy it! If you don't, i'll pay for it.


Anonymous jy said...

The tag board is DOWN again... Its hopeless... Anyway, save another day for steak sandwiches after my poster presentation!

Thu Oct 20, 03:22:00 AM  

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