Sunday, October 02, 2005

What a Smashing __ Time

Figuratively? Literally? Both!

Most of my RH friends hadn't been to Wala-Wala before, so i decided to open their eyes to a nice place with nice music... and we had a SMASHING good time! I enjoyed myself with Grand Cru, Forbidden Fruit, Boddington's, Kilkenny, great Unexpected music, and great company! Was looking out for the bloggers, only to find out that they were at Bintan for the weekend; hope you had fun!
Company included: Clare, Nicole, Yuan, Elgin, Kek, Prem, Sid, SiewTeng, WeeKiat and I. Billy & Julia joined later.
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Plea: owe money, please pay up!

From the third floor, looking at the car, i said "What's that green patch next to the car? Your window glass shards?". Little did i know that the window was indeed SMASHED. We called the cops, made a report, then unexpectedly the culprit's supervisor drove up to us and said "my worker did that". What did he do?
"He started the grass cutter at the grass patch next to the car and immediately a stone was slingshot by the grass cutter blade; it flew and smashed the window". Now a new window awaits...


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