Friday, October 07, 2005

Leave, Day 2

Woke up to see that the two Betta Simplex committed suicide; they were on the floor, dead. Then another surprise was in store: KokTiong's long-awaited plants finally arrived which meant that it was time to set up his fish tank. In the late afternoon we scoured Serangoon for a particular shop which supposedly stocked wild Bettas (to find less jump-prone Bettas)... but we couldn't find it even after 2hours of driving round and visiting 7 fish shops. In the end i bought a small cup of Mini-sized Nanas then rescaped the Nano Tank and added in 4 Cherry Shrimps; it looks MUCH better now!
Flora: Mini Nanas in front, Java Fern and Crypts at the back

At night i went for dinner with my colleagues at San Marco at the Lighthouse on the 8th floor of the Fullerton Hotel. Up market restaurant overlooking the Marina Bay Basin, can only accomodate a maximum of 50 people and reservation is required; a once in a lifetime dining experience at that venue.
We were: 8 colleagues
We ate: Foie Gras, Escargot, Lobster, Piglet, Veal and Lamb.
We drank: A bottle of Pinot Noir and 7 ($8) bottles of distilled water.
We paid: $915, thankfully it was a treat by 4 at the table.

Thereafter we proceeded to Bakerzin at One Fullerton for some desserts (costing a colleague $140 as a promotion treat).

Wonderful fish tank, dinner, supper and company...
Another great no-work day.


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