Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's Smokin'!

While on the way back today, as i stopped at a red light, i saw thick white smoke coming from below!!! Alarmed and quite nervous as to what to do (and with the other vehicles next to me wondering whether there was a fire or BBQ or something) i turned off everything and strained to figure out the source of the smoke.

Looked left, looked right...
but cannot see anything 'cos the thick white smoke was too thick.

Unable to ascertain the problem, i started up and carried on the short remaining journey back. I had a suspicion it was a plastic bag that had gotten incinerated on a metal partalong the highway but i wasn't going to take any chances, and i decided to go to the workshop to have it checked out.

Michael "eh, smells like plastic... ya lah, it's a plastic bag"
Me "oh, err, oops! -blush- Does this happen often?"

At least i learnt something new today.


Anonymous whimiscal said...

thank goodness it didn't turn out to be a major cause of worry...

Fri Nov 18, 11:45:00 PM  

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