Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Past Week

It's been one heck of a past week.
You wouldn't want to know?
I'll tell anyway...

-Summary Version-
Tue: Study, Stay over at work.
Wed: Exam, Floored.
Thu: Prepare presentation.
Fry: Presentation, Dinner at instructor's.
Sat: Fix FishTank, Finish report.
Sun: Wake late, Enjoy...

More Details?
Spent the whole day (frantically) studying for exam 'cos Sunday was wasted playing Civilisation4.
Spent the whole in the library (desperately) studying for exam 'cos next day exam.
Stayed over at work to study as much as poosible for exam.
Took the exam; quite easy but (disappointingly) cannot answer correctly =(
Got floored on the way to watch hockey (only the last 5min of it?!).
Painful and agonising night of delicate patch-work.
Painful day.
Meeting at work to prepare for presentation.
Dinner with Gladys at BoonTongKee; she's left for UK for one last sem.
Up till late preparing for presentation.
Relatively good presentation in the morning.
Collection of bike after lunch.
Patch-up work by the medics.
Watch soccer between our team and them; we lost 4-1 'cos i wasn't playing (yeah right!).
(Catered) Indian cuisine dinner at instructor's place; great food, wonderful company!
Rushing report in between everything at every opportunity.
Spent half the day fixing the RH Fish Tank.
Spent the other half finishing up the report (whatever could be done) due on Monday.
Stayed up till 4am playing Civilisation4; the outcome was inconclusive, wasting my night =(
Woke at 1pm; nice sleep in the rainy weather.
Blog entry; quite crappy in my opinion, a diary of an entry.
Play game... again Research.
Go back to work to finish up the report once and for all.

It's Finally Over!
The frantic attempts to complete presentation after presentation, report after report, and studying for that major exam, all-in over the past three weeks, including burning TWO major holidays. I really do hope the sleepless nights pay off, although deep down i know i didn't put in 100% into all of them (but i've never worked-so-hard-for-3-whole-weeks before!). I'm for my dream department (option 1) 'cos there's a 4-month business trip coming up; my good buddy's on the team, and i'm really really wanting to be there.

Enjoy the NorthEastMonsoon weather...
You've got to live with it 'cos you can't do anything about it!

End Note:
"33rd NJ course mates are totally awesome,
and Endurance damn handsome, lah!"

(the "lah" is a course joke)


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