Monday, December 26, 2005

This Christmas...

I've learnt that

1) You don't get emails all day: there hasn't been the familiar chime of my inbox all day long, did yours chime? No mails from work, from spammers, from friends, etc.
2) It's not unusual to go back to work: you've got no choice if you have too much work to do and a presentation on Tuesday.
3) Petrol Kiosk attendants work on holidays too: but be grateful especially when you cruise out of petrol along the highway and have to rely on a reserve tank to make it to the petrol kiosk.
4) There ain't extra discounts at petrol kiosks: same petrol, same price.
5) Fish don't get to enjoy the holiday: you don't bring them out, you don't give them presents, do you? More likely you'll neglect them and go out to party...?
6) Bread isn't a good dinner: barely 3hours since the bread meal, i'm hungry.
7) SMSes aren't free: Holidays like these give the Telcos a bonus, what with all the "This Christmas i give you a big hug, you give me a big present!" messages.

Work doesn't stop even for a holiday...


Blogger 陈恳 said...

you always write so intellectual stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


makes me guilty about writing rubbish on my blog.


Tue Dec 27, 12:05:00 AM  

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