Friday, December 23, 2005

Ever Played Paintball?

It's PAINtful...
if you're shot at point blank range,
or you're shot on the neck,
or the head, or on bare skin;
where i was shot.
Shot on the arm No, it ain't a love bite; Was shot on the neck

But it was quite good (and dirty) fun!

After a short safety and What-To-Do briefing, we entered the paintball battle arena at the Singapore Discovery Centre. Split into two teams of four (therafter five when two more joined in) and armed with look- and feel-alike carbines loaded with little 1cm-diametered paintballs, we fought 5 battles in total, firing a grand total of 1440 paintballs.
Team 1: Zhihao, DanTee, Shim, YongSeet Team 2: Who's Who?

1) Protect your balloon, Destroy their Balloon
2) Grab the Flags
3) Grab the Flags, again
4) Last Man/Team Standing
5) Last Man/Team Standing, again
Protect your Balloon, Destroy their Balloon Provide Cover Fire

It was great fun, though a little straining on the thighs due to the frequent squatting-for-cover-then-standing-to-shoot positions. I got hit four times (Head, Neck, Arm, Arm) in the first three battles, was the last man standing in Battle 4, and was co-last man standing in Battle 5 (together with Gus).
All of us POWs?

Watching those infantry battle shows helped 'cos you learn (or at least imitate) how to fire over a low wall without getting shot.

All painted and a little tired after the 1-hour adrenaline rush in battle, we trudged back to our long long assignment weekend; the dreaded OPP.

Condolences to Shawn who got killed in the last battle by Yuh Woei's friendly fire as he ran towards our own home base to evade enemy fire. He still can't get over it.

Parting shot...
Daniel x2


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