Sunday, July 01, 2007

LOB White Manta

6 months after my last LOB, i returned to White Manta again:
Katoaka Rock (55nm East of P.Aur),
7 Skies Wreck (45nm East of P.Aur),
P.Pinang (a stone's throw from P.Aur),
Pinnacle (at P.Aur), and
Jack Rock (somewhere off East Coast of Malaysia).

51hrs onboard White Manta (Fry 6pm-Sun 9pm).
4 day dives, 1 dusk dive and 1 night dive.
Lots and lots of Nudibranch, a Leaf Scorpionfish, a Flounder, a family of Bumphead Parrotfish (2 HUGE ones), and a White Tip Reef Shark at the Pinnacle.
Even borrowed a strobe for some nice photos! Thanx Mervin!

New friends made, great company all round...
Brilliantly Red Feather StarDiver within Sea Fan
Nudibranch standing on its hind legsCommon favourite
YanYan & Kok SunA Family of Bumphead Parrotfish

Let's go Dive! Dive! Dive!


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