Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Scuba Dive Pulau Aur, 19-21 Sep 08

Dramatic weekend at Pulau Aur:
Diving from dive boat "Fei-Lou" on Saturday,
Diving to the "Fei-Lou Wreck" on Sunday!

After the 3rd dive of the day, at 6pm on 20 Sep 08, divers were waiting to transfer from the wooden dive boat "Fei-Lou" to the dive resort ashore via a sampan when the bilge (compartments below the waterline) pump failed without warning. Upon discovering the flooding of the bilges, the dive staff immediately evacuated all personnel, cylinders and equipment, from Fei-Lou to the transfer sampan.

Within 2-3 minutes, Fei-Lou went under.

Only the top of the boat is visible nowGone

Photos courtesy of Phillipp Schmidt, photographed from the transfer sampan.

As a result of the professionalism of the staff, there was no panic and there were no injuries at all!

The next morning, the Open Water Divers visited the Fei-Lou Wreck as it was sitting pretty and upright at a depth of 14m. Here are the photos of the wreck and other photos from the diving weekend...

Happy DiversVery First Photo of Fei-Lou Wreck
(Large) Squid on Night DiveCuttlefish
Hawksbill Turtle at House ReefNudibranch at House Reef


Anonymous me-shell said...

wow, adventures of the diving hero? =p

must have given you an adrenalin rush to be the first diver at the wreck on the following day!

Fri Sep 26, 05:57:00 AM  

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