Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scuba Dive P.Hantu, 10 Jan 09

First dive of 2009, Pulau Hantu.

After my first dive at Hantu I decided to introduce friends to explore the much-famed diving in Singapore; diving at Pulau Hantu. So i chartered a modest dive boat and gathered my dive friends! Managed to get 10 divers and it was to be an enjoyable day!

Went to Fong Seng for breakfast, pack lunch, and buy drinks/ice, then we embarked the dive boat at RSYC and set off! 4 dives, 10 divers, and wonderful company. What's more, my first encounter with a Hantu Seahorse and an Eel Blenny!

Divers to HantuCanice's lips are purple after 90min with Hantu's resident diver MinSheng
Maroon Clown in chronic visibilityYellow Tiger-tailed Seahorse
Eel BlennyAfter a good day with diving friends, nothing better than having dinner and some beer

Also check out MinSheng's photos on MinSheng's Flickr.

Anyone else interested in Hantu? =)


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