Sunday, April 24, 2005

Back to reality

Paper on tuesday; today's sunday and i haven't touched a word of it: Economics of E-business.

I slacked/relaxed/wasted my past week, except for the thesis presentation (which was a total shoot-down because of the many loopholes) on Thursday. Watched movies (x4), watched TV shows (Scrubs x1, NCIS x3, theOC x2), swam (x4 occasions), played soccer (x3 occasions), went for a run (5km), went for a sushi buffet (first time in months), went to borders (twice in the past two weeks for the first time in at least a year); simply that.
Can't imagine anyone more slack than that, can you?

But... it's back to reality now, have to begin studying for the paper... later.

The Fish Tank beckons for a water change, i shall oblige gladly.

I should mention that i stepped into Zouk last night, did not drink a drop, and left after 10min...


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