Saturday, April 23, 2005

Who cares?

You? Me? Everyone else? No one?

Look within yourself and ask yourself these questions truthfully (not limited to these questions, but questions of a similar nature as well):
Do you tell yourself you're right most times?
Do you have the urge to tell people off at the slightest things?
Do you admit your failures/wrongs when they happen?
Do your friends tell you you're wrong most times?
Do you consider the feelings of those around you when you do/say things, even a little?
Do you hurt when your friends feel hurt?
Do you hurt when others feel hurt?
Do your friends hurt when you feel hurt?
Do you feel, at all?
Reflect on your life and see things you never saw...

Note: this only applies to people who can look within themselves, people who have a heart, people who can criticise themselves for who they are.

I should mention that i am always appreciative of people who care...


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