Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Reminisce: Similan Islands Dive

December 7-13 of 2004: I spent 7 days with 22 others on a Liveaboard Dive Trip to the Similan Islands in Thailand. Flew TigerAir to Phuket on the 7th, then stayed onboard The Really Wicked Witch from 7-11th, then PatongBeach for the night of 11th and 12th, then TigerAir back on the 13th. Much fun had, many friends made, an experience to remember and tons of photos taken.

Ok so you're dying for photos? Just can't wait to lay your eyes on the Washboard-stomach Hunks and Bikini Babes with me during the trip?

At Patong Beach on the first day while waiting to board our boat...

Finally onboard The Really Wicked Witch and out to sea...

Taking a breather at Koh Similans, Island No.9 of the Similan Islands group, climbed up Donald Duck Rock...

On our last day onboard, the inevitable group photo...

While waiting for the Nitrogen to leave, we relax by getting our asses kicked by cheating, scheming jetski operators and enjoying delicious, fresh seafood...

And finally, two of the many hundreds of underwater photos I captured, obviously i'll only show you the nicest two I captured...

It's really tough taking good underwater photos: what with the reduced light penetrating the deeper depths, the fish swimming so fast, the constant motion of your own body due to the currents (and lousy personal bouyancy control), and having to precariously maneouvre the bulky camera in its underwater watertight casing. Imagine that, and having to keep up with your diving group as they go in search of more interesting corals/fish/shrimps/turtles/crabs/lobsters/mermaids/etc...




You really want more marine life photographs? I thought you only wanted to see the hunks and babes...?




Ok fine, here's more photos of the underwater world in Similans...

To view bigger versions of these pictures, their corresponding descriptions, and names of the cute ones you've spotted:
My Similan Islands Trip Set, or Slideshow on Flickr

I should mention I enjoyed this brief escape thoroughly/completely...


Anonymous Whimsical said...

Hey, loved your marine life pics. Lovely! I thought I was sole weirdo who loved them. (oops)

Actually I was thinking about getting a blue tang. (no, i was NOT inspired by Finding Nemo. Rather, that aquarium at wisma intrigued me since Day One). However, I've heard that it's difficult to maintain such fish and not to mention, the cost involved is constantly escalating. Any advice?

Wed Apr 20, 08:33:00 AM  
Blogger Dank said...

Well, Dank is a fish lover, and he is into freshwater aquaria.. the sun, the sea and the sand in general (diving, wakeboarding, swimming, fish, etc).

Regarding marine aquaria, Dank has the impression that it is high because of the use of the chiller, and the difficulty in recreating a natural marine habitat. On the other hand Dank has heard from a friend that it is not too expensive if you know how to control yourself and work with cheap/DIY stuff.

One word of advice: If you're not REALLY into it, or do not have the time to maintain/care for it, do not start. It's heartbreaking (for fish-lovers) to know of people who start then throw it away simply because of the lack of time/interest. No offence intended, just a friendly reminder. =)

Wed Apr 20, 01:57:00 PM  
Anonymous Whimsical said...

Yes, Sir. Totally understood. Not wanting to be accused of pet abandonment, I've been considering this for months. M-O-N-T-H-S. Compounding that is the fact that blue tangs are susceptible to head erosion. Is it necessary to use a nitrate test kit regularly?

I agree that the commitment level is high. Other priorities scream for my attention. If I can reorganize my cluttered life, I could and would commit time & money. None of my friends is interested in marine stuff, much less a blue tang.

Was there something that kickstarted your interest and further fuelled your commitment?
I would LOVE to have the humongous tank in your pic. I'm jealously envious of you!

Thu Apr 21, 01:00:00 AM  
Blogger Dank said...

Apologies for not being able to advise on Marine Aquaria, no requisite knowledge.

That enormous fish tank (linked somewhere in this blog) was a dream come true, but it took lots of effort, and a considerable amount of money. It was/is my first and only attempt at a big tank (it is 3.5ft long), and I spend 1-2hrs everyday gazing/cleaning/staring at it... it's my baby for now.

MSN me for further discussion =)

Thu Apr 21, 02:12:00 AM  
Blogger whimsical_fantasies said...

No requisite knowledge? Was under the impression that you were a walking marine encyclopedia. =)

Geez! 1-2 hrs daily! That's half the amount of time I get to sleep! *applauds u* Well, it's worth it. At a glance, your tank looks magnificent! How much dough did you have to shell out eventually?

By the way, what's yr MSN id? Add email address "" ?

Thu Apr 21, 11:24:00 PM  
Blogger Dank said...

Marine Aquaria no-no, Freshwater Aquaria adequate to give beginner's advice.

To date, that tank has cost about 1.5k, running for 6 months already. Untold amounts spent on my other tanks in my room. =)

Fri Apr 22, 12:38:00 AM  

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