Sunday, June 12, 2005

I Declare WAR!

The past two nights have been sleepless, only because of the everpresence of mosquitos in my room.

Catch 22...
Close the windows/door to keep the mozzies out, perspire myself to irritafiablex.
Open the windows/door to ventilate/cool the room, mozzie-bite myself to irritafiablex.
Note: "Irritafiablex" is "death by irritation" according to Dank

So that's the story of my past two nights of 3hrs (max) per night because half the night is spent turning over in bed, attempting to keep the blanket cover mosquito-tight, getting up to switch on the light and mosquito ambush, etc. It isn't easy.

I should mentionthat "a couple" of mozzie-bites are ok, but if they come in swarms and leave your hand half bitten... you don't want to be there.


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