Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dinner, and then some...

Jumbo seafood restaurant for a nice 8-dish seafood dinner with Amy, Stefanie, Lara, J.J, Scopa, Xing and Cheng. I ordered the dishes and filled their tummies with local favorites Chili and Pepper Crabs, Steam SeaBass, Fried MiniSquid, KaiLan in OysterSauce, Drunken and Cereal Prawns and Geoduck. They loved the food despite the mess, or at least they said they did.

A short walk across the road and we landed at a pub for 3 rounds of drinks. An hour after we hopped over to IndoChine for 2 more rounds.

Seafood Dinner at Jumbo along Clarke Quay [left photo]: Chili & Pepper Crabs, Drunken Prawns, Steamed Seabass, BabyKailan, and more. That's us [right photo] after dinner: Lara, JJ, Dank, Bryan, Cheng, Yong, Stefanie, Amy.
Seafood Dinner Them after Dinner
Bryan, Lara, Dank [left photo]. Great guys these two are... really great company! JJ brought FatBstd for a night out, and he was indeed enjoying himself [right photo] too!
Bryan, Lara, Dank FatBstd
JJ couldn't resist getting FatBstd to take a photo with two lovely ladies who worked at that pub [left AND right photo].
JJ Lady2 JJ & Lady2
That's JJ [left photo]. Dave (?), Kirk (?) and myself [right photo]; I can't even the remember the names of those two from the USS Paul Hamilton...
JJ Dave? Kirk? Dank.
One of the three ladies onboard, Ms Lara [left photo].
[right photo] The four ladies sitting opposite us in IndoChine; were they constantly looking over at us, or was it Samantha who trying to identify me?
Lara... 3guys, 4ladies

I should mention i'm enjoying their company more and more...


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