Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Some USA people came in on Monday and Dank was there to welcome them. He stood out in the sun for 4 hours waiting for them to come, with no shade, all alone, and just a pair of sunglasses to shield his eyes; he's sunburnt (half arm each side, the face from sunglasses downwards, and a little below the neck).

Dank's job for these two weeks is to make sure them USA people are comfortable during their stay, and to make their life here as comfortable as possible. Punctuality at meetings, correct venue of conferences, etc... that's Dank's responsibility. He got to know lots of Americans in the process, and making new friends everyday.

There was a dinner reception tonight hosted by them and it was quite a night of shaking hands, makign new friends, good conversation, and lots of beer, wine and food. They've even invited Dank out to a night out tomorrow... perhaps in their drunkedness? They'll figure tomorrow when they're sober.

For now Dank is staying over at a friend's place 'cos it's nearer to work... for tonight.

Dank should mention he's had 5 beers and 2 glasses of wine tonight... -burp-


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