Friday, June 03, 2005

First Night Out.

Thursday night was unlike any other Thursday night in recent weeks. It was a night out with the Americans he was liaising with; it was the first of many...

After work, Dank got his gear packed up and into his colleagues car, and they went for drinks with the Americans who were in town. Dinner at RennThai, then drinks at Molly Malone's.

They're a great bunch: warm, friendly, and wonderful company! They make Dank's job so much easier 'cos they're just so fun to be with, yet serious when it comes to business. The Airboss takes good care of Dank, and the others really treat Dank very well too... Dank's fortunate to have been assigned to take care of this company of people, and not any other. =)

After dinner the restroom along Clarke Quay allows Sam a fascinating encounter with the hand-drier [left photo], then they settle at Molly Malone's for drinks, good music, and great company [right photo].
Hand-dryer Irish Car Bomb

Them four officers: Scopa, Sam, Airboss and J.J. [left photo]. Airboss, he who said "10 years he'll be Chief" man, wouldn't allow Dank to leave without having a photo taken with Emma [right photo].
Scopa, Sam, Airboss, J.J. Emma & Dank
...more photos to come...

Dank should mention he enjoys their company, a lot...


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