Sunday, September 25, 2005

Late Nights

Late nights have been a thing of the past since work started. Work takes up 10hrs (0730H-1730H) of my every weekday, with late nights on weekends few and far between. The fear of oversleeping the following Monday also inhibits the desire to stay up late on a Fryday/Saturday night. Also the occasional stay-over while on duty adds to the fatigue. Is that what work does to you: give you permanent eyebags and sap your life away? Does it sap your life too?
Note: I love my job

Last night i was up till 5am, something i haven't done in a long time. I spent the late night online; surfing friends' blogs, reading news online, updating my blog, sorting through my photos on Flickr. It was a refreshing late night up alone in front of my laptop...

My Flickr Pro Account
As i was going through my photos i realised Flickr only kept the latest 200 photos! I must admit i got sucked into their money-making marketing net: i signed up for a 2-year Flickr Pro account which cost me USD$47.99! With my new Flickr Pro account i'm allowed as many Photo Sets i desire, 2GB of uploads a month, and i get to store all my photos online in their original size; i guess i'm stuck with Flickr for life.
Since i've paid for it, i'd better make the best of it and promote it...
Visit my Flickr Pro photo site now!

...there was more i wanted to express as i was thinking about submitting a post this afternoon, but they elude me at this moment. I'll get them penned as soon as the thoughts return and i'm able to get to my laptop...


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