Thursday, November 17, 2005

First Ride in the Rain

It started raining sometime last night and it was still pouring at wakey-wakey, but work wasn't going to be cancelled just because of rain, and i still had to get to work on time.

After donning everything under shelter, and looking like some alien creature with plastic skin and a breathing tank on my back, i trudged out into the rain. I proceeded with extreme caution: Slow and steady all the way...

The raindrops pattering against the body, even against double-layere of raincoat and t-shirt underneath could be felt (quite painfully) and by the time i arrived at work, my bag was all wet. Fortunately it was relatively water resistant and my laptop was aye-okay.

Glad it was an incident-free trip during my first encounter with rain... a hassle of course, but it shouldn't be a problem once i get used to it. =)


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