Sunday, December 04, 2005

Cannot Repair... Format

Just when i thought things couldn't get busier...
the laptop decides to die on me.

Sequence of Events (Fryday through Saturday):
10pm - Laptop shows signs of dying (slow HDD, spyware invasion)
2am - I assess the laptop is beyond remedy, begin backup
230am - Begin "Restore to Factory Settings"
4am - Install/update Virus Scanner
430am - Update Windows to Service Pack 2
6am - Update Windows Updates
7am - Download Laptop-specific hardware/software updates
12noon - Install Laptop-specific hardware/software updates
3pm - Install required programs (Media Players, MS Office, tweaks)
7pm - Wedding Dinner
11pm - Schedule Full Virus Scan, Full De-frag, Full Optimise, Full Backup
... Raffles Hall Night Cycling...

Looking on the bright side:
the computer's now faster, sparklingly clean, less cluttered, and amazingly neat!

It's now 8am and the format/restore cycle is finally complete.
Now start to catch some sleep and start my work for the weekend...

About Night Cycling, another day, complete with photos
About Night Cycling: no words, just photos.


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