Friday, December 09, 2005


Feeling lonely right now...

Although i've got to wake at 545am (in order to be at work by 7am to be ready for a practical assessment which would last from 9am till 530pm), i'm awake reflecting if my friends really feel i'm a friend, or a nag.

Do you hold onto something so much that even though you want to let go, you subconsciously hang on? I realised i have been guilty of that, and in the process i have stifled someone who has assumed the responsibility for a few months now. Having expressed my side of the story, i hope he'll understand. But... -shrug- (no conclusion to this sentence/thought)

Is this happening in the other aspects of my life?
If it is, and you know of it, please do let me know... 'cos i don't want to strangle you with my over-involvement, i want it to be right.

I want to make it right with you, whoever "you" i'm stifling.

On an irrelevant note: a beautiful photo to share...
15minutes to sunset, a lone tanker sails off into the horizon
Photographed by YanZai, a colleague of mine.


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