Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Sushi Buffet

Last Sunday i went for a sushi buffet at Honjin Japanese Restaurant somewhere in the CBD. Food was quite good, the company was excellent, but the wait for the food was a little worrying...

Lesson: Don't Order Too Much
When we (latecomers) first arrived we placed an order and started pinching a little from those who arrived earlier. But because the order came much later (30-40mins later), we ordered some more thinking they lost our order; this meant we had A LOT OF food to finish in the end and we had to request for them to cancel the backlog of orders!

(superb-looking photos taken by Yuh Woei, crap ones by me)

As usual the rubbish bin me started asking for "preferred friend" votes while helping them finish their leftovers... more flutter kicks in store to reduce that tummy!


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