Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hey Mich!

Attended Mich's wedding dinner and i got myself a big surprise during the champagne toast.

You'd know if you were there...
the surprised look on the faces of six guys my face was amazing.
(shall not elaborate for not wanting to embarass anyone)

Also should mention that i went not knowing anyone (not colleague, nor ex-classmate, nor neighbour, nor relative) so when i arrived i was looking for a "none of the above" table.
1st surprise: i was seated at the table nearest the VIP table!
2nd surprise: this wasn't a "none of the above" table; it was the "internet friends" table!
3rd surprise: as above, resulting in the surprised looks.

However the point of this entry is:
Congratulations Mich!
Here's wishing you a blissful marriage!
...and laptops that work when you want them to...
Yam Seng! Haha!


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