Saturday, January 28, 2006


You are a person who loves honey;
You can't live without a glass of honey a day.

Your Glass of Honey.
Everyday you get your glass of honey from the HoneyMan who passes your house on his way to the nearby town to sell his barrel of honey, and the glass of honey makes you happy.

No More Honey?
Then one fine summer you realise that your honey supply is threatened! Cows during the summer pass through the area and eat up the flowers which the bees at the bee farm love. This makes you worried because if the bees don't get their daily pollen from the flowers > they won't make their daily honey > you don't get your glass of honey!

Save The Honey!
Each summer when the cows come by the flower plantation you make your way to that same flower plantation and offer your services to the plantation manager; you will chase them cows away! Each summer morning you sit under the big apple tree next to the flowers and watch the bees as they do whatever bees do when they meet a flower, then when you see a cow approaching you chase it away with your stick and stones. At the end of each day you lay your tired body to sleep underneath the apple tree.

Each summer weekend when you go home to have a nice hot shower you ready yourself for another week of cow-chasing. Then you go out again for another week (or two weeks if you can manage) and ensure your precious bees get what they need to make their honey for your daily glass.

When the summer ends you go back home and you get to savour your daily glass of honey knowing you contributed to your own survival by keeping them flowers safe.

The analogy
I also love honey.


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honey loves you too

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