Monday, January 16, 2006

Event-filled Today

Half-day today!
A 3-hour exam in the morning then a bowling session in the afternoon to celebrate International Students' Day... a chance for us to socialise and enjoy.

I enjoyed the status of "Top Bowler" for the first round notching 171 pinfalls, all the while insisting that it was only fluke. In the second round alas i only managed a measly 89 pinfalls... amazing inconsistence but proof that my first round score was a fluke. Ha!

Played some court soccer in the evening and endured some painful hits on the wound on the knee, then spent 2+ hours starting up and cleaning my b**ch, now finally showered and... hungry.

My b**ch
After a week of negligence she decided to fail me this morning and i had to spend 30min running with her and coaxing her up just now. Hopefully she'll be nice tomorrow after i cleaned her up nice and gleaming!

Tomorrow, the all-important interview which will half decide if i get to go for that much sought-after 4 month trip. The other half will depend on my course performance. Four other course mates are in the running as well, wish me luck! But by the time i read your well wishes here, it would've been over already, so just think of me when you see this...


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