Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bubble No More

Remember the Man in the Bubble (link here)?

The Bubble
There was a Bubble with three options:
1) Frequent Travelling, Operations Stuff;
2) High Powered Decisions and some Travelling;
3) Secret Development with High Cohesion.
...and The Man in the Bubble chose (1).
Note: Choice is only a preference, not a guarantee of assignment.

There was a lot of thought put into it, and the deciding factor was an upcoming real chance for a high profile business trip. There was stiff competition for that position but a few colleagues who were already in that department put in a few good words to the boss, and that worked a little magic. Add that but if magic to the his extreme enthusiasm, a few other rival preference factors, an interview with the boss, and having done above-average in the course, higher management made their decision four days ago.

Bubble No More
The Man in the Bubble got his choice department, INCLUDING the most coveted high profile business trip.

Hope Not Bubbles to Froth
He hopes it'll be fair winds and following seas, and might remain in that department for the next few years if things go smoothly. It'll be a chance to put what he learnt from the recent course into good practical use; the risks are high but the value is higher. He is (very) excited but (a little) apprehensive of the exponential learning curve that is already starting to creep up on him; His first step into the department was on Fryday and his task appeared daunting! But there'll be some guidance in the first month so hopefully he'll learn fast enough and be diligent enough to burn some midnight oil on his own.

On a Lighter Note
The three International Students in our course departed Singapore yesterday to their respective homelands... they will be keenly remembered as our dearest mates in 33NJ.
All the best to you Shim, Faren and Nant!


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