Monday, September 18, 2006


...for week ending 18 September 2006.

1. LASIK... "Not now"
Why? 'cos the schedule isn't right for me to be eyesight-averse.
Case postponed. In the meantime... find money for LASIK.

2. NUS Lifesaving
A very belated word of congratulations to the new ULC Executive Committee for AY 2006/7! All the best to your term in leading NUS Lifesaving to greater heights; more Best Water Sub-Club awards, more community lifesaving service, more colours awards, more more more! NUS Lifesaving

3. Murphy's Visit
The day is Fryday, and the sky doesn't look at all daunting in the twilight hours as i prepare for work. Half the way to work, it pours cats and dogs (and rabbits and hamsters, if there was ever the term). Upon reaching the office, i wring-dry my socks, my jacket and my shirt, and my handphone is soaked and non-functional as well. My colleagues can't even tell i'm drenched because the wetness is so uniform there aren't any patches of wet/dry! I freeze in the airconditioned office (temperature much lower in this particular branch because of the computers/servers there). Shortly after, my watch decides to take a holiday as well; battery flat.

I've got no phone or watch, i'm wet and freezing. To add to Murphy's visit, the rain stops 15min after my arrival at the office and we are informed there would be a delay in the programme that morning and we could have started at 830am instead of 8am. Hello Murphy!


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