Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Dive Trip at Pulau Aur!

Take Open Water Course, Advanced Open Water Course, other dive upgrading courses, or go for Leisure Dives at Pulau Aur, Malayisa!

Open Water Course
Includes lessons, study material, certification, equipment, transport, food and lodging.
Lessons are on Mon-Wed before the chosen dive weekend.
Mon: 6-9pm Theory Lesson/Test,
Tue: 6-9pm Pool Practical Session,
Wed: 6-9pm Pool Practical Session,
Fry-Sun: Open Water Dives at Pulau Aur.
Total 5 day dives.

Advanced Open Water Course
Includes lesson material, certification, equipment, transport, food and lodging.
No lessons in Singapore but you are expected to study the Advanced OW material before the weekend dive trip.
Total 5 day dives and 1 night dive.

Leisure Dives
Includes transport, food and lodging.
Equipment approx $50 (BC, Reg, Wetsuit, Mask/Snorkel, Fin).
Total 5 day dives and 1 night dive (Advanced Divers and above only).

Standard Weekend Itinerary
7pm Bus ride (4hrs) to Mersing
Stay overnight (approx 6hrs of sleep) in a Mersing hostel
Boat ride (3-4hrs) to Pulau Aur then sleep
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided at Pulau Aur
3 day dives at Pulau Aur
1 night dive at Pulau Aur (Advanced Divers only)
2 day dives at Pulau Aur
Breakfast and Lunch provided at Pulau Aur
3pm Ferry ride (2hrs) to Mersing
5pm Bus ride (4hrs) to Singapore
9pm arrive Lavender MRT

Learn diving with your friends, go for a short weekend getaway with fellow diver friends, or make new friends through the 48 hours, away from the hustle-and-bustle of Singapore!

First weekend trip 7-9 March 2008.
I'm going... Want to join me? Call/SMS me!
Confirm attendance before 28 Jan (incl $100 deposit) for $50 off!

Still considering?
Check out my dive trips to Aur last year for a better idea of what you can expect!
June 2007
My Friends' Open Water Course, a Leisure Dive trip for me.
Photographs in my Flickr account, Jun 2007 (photos Jun 07)
Previous post on the Lessons (lessons) and the Trip (weekend trip)
October 2007
Rescue Diver Course for me.
Photographs in my Flickr account (photos Oct 07)
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For understanding and clarification:
i am not earning cash commission from organising this course/trip for you. I am in no way affiliated to the dive operator, but in the future (if) after i attain my Certification i may then decide to work as a freelance DiveMaster for them. Digression: If you think i did a good job, let me know so that i can consider organising/coordinating more such trips to boost my ego (and go on more dives); if i didn't do a good job, give me feedback so i know if i should stop torturing other divers-to-be. =)


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