Thursday, February 26, 2009


Random isn't really Random, is it?

What do i need?
1. Peace of Mind.
2. Loads of money so that i can achieve (1).
3. To forever live with my underwater relatives.
...unfortunately all of the above elude me.

Not Need
What do i not need?
1. Irritation and Frustration.
2. Crap colleagues who never think of/for others, leading to (1).
3. To be a workaholic.
...unfortunately these are inscribed on my forehead, my arms, my ass, my legs, my... etc.

Sun and Sea
Will be out today... with the beautiful sun and endless sea all around.

If it's a birthday, but not a happy birthday, do you still wish "Happy Birthday"? Or do you just wish "Birthday"? If it's an anniversary, but not a happy anniversary, do you still wish "Happy Anniversary"? Or do you just wish "Anniversary"?

When is enough, enough? How do you know when to hedge your losses, punch out, start uncertain but new? When is it time to speak out and attempt to set things right, or should you ever speak out? Mutiny maybe? We'll see... we'll see.

Best Job
You think? I can only hope. Even so, the obstacle isn't in getting the job, the obstacle is in being able to accept the job. You think? I can only hope.

I just had to plug this in somewhere.

Random isn't really Random, is it?


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